Mrs. Moneera Mohammad Owedh

– Managing Director

A Graduate from Al Kuwait Bachelor of Statistics Diploma in Planning and Programs.
One of the first lady Manageresses in the Labour Department (Abu Dhabi). Head of IT department (Labour).

Ratti M Kotwal

– Administrative Director

35 years of educating and school management.
Honors Graduate from Bombay University.
Trained Montessorian.
Assisted in setting up Montessori teacher training institutions.
Manufacturer of Montessori material.

Ameeta Dean

– Directress, Montessori Environment (AMI) & Academic Head

25 years of teaching experience.
Masters in Child Development (Bombay University).
Qualified Montessori teacher from AMI.

Hamda Hassan Mire

– Public Relation Officer & Administrator

5 Years of experience.
Understands the needs of parents, staff and government of the UAE.