Abu Dhabi Nursery, MBZ Nursery, Arts and Crafts, Nursery in Abu Dhabi, Nursery in MBZ, Summer CampBefore and After School program provides an organized set of activities for children to experience in a fun and stimulating environment.

Weekly lessons are created based on children’s interests and are supported by group or individual activities.

Activities are centered around the following 5 major areas of development:

1. Communication/Language/Literacy — completing assigned homework tasks, reading books, communicating with peers and teachers.

2. Social Skills/Emotional Development — establishing positive peer relationships, expressing feelings, controlling behavior.

3. Explorations to Learning — participating in arts and crafts activities, playing board games, exploring multimedia experiences (such as supervised computer access).

4. Purposeful Motor — participating in indoor and outdoor sports activities, engaging in friendly competitions and games.

Our Before and After School program is designed to meet the individual needs of both younger and older children. Our special activities are categorized by age to create a more effective environment for children to increase social and emotional development.

We will be happy to provide you with a complete list of our evaluating criteria for each of the five development areas outlined above on request.